BOMA 2017 Office Standards: Understanding the Difference

In the fall of 2017, BOMA (Building Owners & Mangers Association) issued the latest version of its Standards of Methods of Measurement (ANSI Z65-1.2017). The 2017 BOMA updates effect how office buildings are measured and calculated – with distinct differences between the previous standards released in 2010. As the leading national building measurement company, Measure Up ™ has a keen understanding of these changes and our professionals are prepared to assist clients on how best to implement the 2017 BOMA office standards.

How does the 2017 BOMA updates impact my building?

+ Building balconies are now included as rentable area in 2017.
+ Finished rooftop areas are included in rentable calculations.
+ Major Vertical Penetrations (MVP’s) at their lowest points are now considered as Building Service Area and included in the rentable area.
(-) Public Pedestrian Thoroughfares and Enclosure Limit conditions are NOT included in 2017.

Since each office building has its own unique architectural attributes, certain properties have the potential of increasing rentable area over 3% when compared against the previous 2010 standards. For owners, a 3% increase in rentable area is significant and worth serious consideration. In addition, the BOMA 2017 changes contain have multiple distinctions that affect measurements including special conditions, space classifications, tenant ancillary areas and advanced calculations.

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