Why Property Owners and Managers Need Fire and Life Safety Plans

With the development of new smart cities, high-rise buildings, and industrial zones, fire safety has become a concern because of the increase in fire accidents these days in New York. Fire safety is crucial and needs good preventative action to eliminate the chances of fire accidents and life loss. Improper planning of buildings and workplaces and inadequate monitoring of fire protection systems can cause major accidents. These can all be easily avoided with proper fire and life safety plans.

Necessity of a Fire Safety Plan

With a fire safety plan, property owners and management firms can prevent expensive damages, injuries, and possible losses when a fire accident occurs. This plan is made to ensure the following:

  •         Offer assistance for individuals with disabilities.
  •         Address critical devices that should be shut off.
  •         Communicate evacuation plans with exit routes and processes.
  •         Explain the details of how to offer emergency services.
  •         Process to follow on clear emergency alarms.

Why Should You Have a Fire Safety or Emergency Action Plan?

Apart from the absolute requirement to comply with legal needs, there are many perks to having a well-made fire safety or emergency action plan (EAP).

The first is ensuring the safety of your tenants and staff members in the event of a fire accident or other emergencies. A well-trained and practiced staff in fire safety processes can respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency. Thereby, it lowers the risk to occupants and damage to the facility.

Next, many insurance agencies either require properties to have an EAP or fire safety plan or will issue discounts to those that do.

Finally, having a fire safety program, or EAP, may eliminate the legal accountability of property owners or managers during a fire accident or other emergencies in their buildings.

How Does a Fire Safety Plan Reduce Your Risks?

Here’s how a fire safety or emergency action plan can help you safeguard your people and reduce all risks:

1. Safeguard Your People

Fire and life safety measures are important because they can safeguard your family, friends, and colleagues. Easy measures can reduce the risk of life loss in a fire, such as having working smoke detectors properly installed in a building.

2. Safeguard Your Property

For many, the concept of losing their property in a fire is like a nightmare. It’s not only losing your place but also all the memories inside of it, such as photos, videos, furniture, and other important documents and possessions. It’s like losing all the essential things that you have stored on your property.

3. Shield Your Mental Peace

Finally, fire and life safety are necessary to safeguard your mental peace. Nobody wants to imagine a fire, but it occurs sometimes, and many accidents are preventable with proper planning.

Final Words

If you are seeking to ensure the safety of your property or business, Measure Up Corp. has the solution for you. We provide emergency action plans, or fire and life safety plans in New York for both property owners and management companies. Feel free to contact us to lay your hands on this service.