Measuring with Precision: How to Measure Using BOMA Standards

Measure Using BOMA Standards

In the ever-changing world of real estate, accuracy is crucial. Landlord-tenant agreements, property prices, and discussions all rest on precise measurements. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Measure Using BOMA Standards is a reputable organization that has established the benchmark for real estate assessment. This blog post, sponsored by Measure Up Corp, will detail the precise art and science of measuring real estate using BOMA standards.

Understanding BOMA Standards

For many years, The Building Owners and Managers Association, or BOMA, has been a mainstay in the real estate sector. They have created thorough measurement guidelines that offer precision and consistency everywhere. The BOMA International Standard, BOMA Gross Area Standard, and BOMA Office Standard are only a few versions of these standards. Why are they important? Considering that they guarantee that everyone speaks the same language when it comes to real estate measurements.

Preparing for Measurement

Get ready before you reach for the measuring tape. Assemble your resources, tools, and gear. Know the kind of property you are working with and its intended use. You’ll be prepared to take on the task if you have a well-defined measurement plan.

Conducting Measurements

Let’s get suitable to business now. A methodical technique is necessary when measuring real estate utilizing BOMA standards. Measure outside first, then carefully move inside. We’ll provide a detailed how-to, including typical problems you may encounter along the route. Recall that in this situation, technology can be your greatest ally. Precision can be significantly increased using digital floor plan software and laser distance-measuring equipment.

Calculating the BOMA Area

While it’s not difficult to calculate, paying attention to details is necessary. Recognize how it is done, starting with Gross Building Area (GBA) and ending with Rentable Area (RA). We’ll guide you through real-world situations and point out typical mistakes to avoid when performing computations.

Verifying Compliance with BOMA Standards

Quality control is an absolute requirement in the real estate measuring industry. We’ll talk about how crucial it is to have independent audits and verifications to ensure your measures meet BOMA requirements. The ability to resolve problems or discrepancies as they occur is essential.

Benefits of Measure Using BOMA Standards

Why make the whole effort? You may change the way you play real estate by using BOMA guidelines. It raises the property’s value, facilitates easier leasing negotiations, and lowers the possibility of disagreements and legal problems. To put it briefly, it’s revolutionary for anyone involved in the real estate sector.


Accuracy in real estate measuring is not optional—it’s essential. You will measure up to the highest industry standards with BOMA standards. Measure Up Corp. encourages all real estate professionals to adopt BOMA standards for precise measures. In the industry, it’s not just about measuring places; it’s also about measuring up to your maximum potential.