The BOMA Breakdown: What Does Boma Stand for in Real Estate

Acronyms and associations are essential in creating industry standards and practices in the dynamic real estate field. The Building Owners and Managers Association, or “BOMA,” is one such acronym that has attracted much attention. We’ll go into the realm of BOMA in this post, including its background, importance in the real estate sector, and advantages for professionals such as yourself. We at Measure Up Corp are thrilled to highlight the achievements made by BOMA because we recognize how important it is to be knowledgeable and involved in the real estate industry.

The Creation of BOMA

BOMA’s inception dates back to when the real estate sector lacked a cohesive voice. Building owners and managers realized early in the 20th century that a professional organization was necessary to address sector issues and advance best practices. These demands were met by BOMA, which formed its initial chapters in significant American cities.

BOMA has developed into a powerful worldwide organization representing building owners’ and managers’ interests and promoting professionalism in the real estate industry.

The Building Owners and Managers Association

Full name: The Building Owners and Managers Association, or BOMA. Its purpose is obvious: through networking, education, research, and advocacy, it will advance the interests of building owners and managers. Even though BOMA’s name strongly emphasises “building owners and managers,” its scope goes well beyond these positions. The resources provided by BOMA are valuable to students interested in a career in real estate as well as architects, engineers, and facility managers.

BOMA’s Role in the Real Estate Industry

It is impossible to overestimate BOMA’s impact on the real estate sector. It is a gathering place for professionals to network, work together, and develop. BOMA provides members with abundant tools, including industry research and educational events, to help them remain ahead in a rapidly changing profession.

Additionally, BOMA regularly participates in advocacy campaigns, speaking for building managers’ and owners’ interests on important policy issues. BOMA gives professionals a unified voice and ensures their concerns are heard by bringing them together under one roof.

BOMA’s Standards and Guidelines

Developing standards and recommendations that influence the management and measurement of properties is one of BOMA’s most notable contributions to the sector. The BOMA Office Standard and the BOMA Energy Performance Contracting Model are two examples of widely accepted BOMA standards. These standards guarantee uniformity and openness in property management procedures by giving real estate professionals a consistent vocabulary.

BOMA International vs. Local BOMA Chapters

BOMA is a global organization that also has local operations. Local BOMA chapters provide specialized support and networking opportunities in specific locations, while BOMA International establishes industry standards and offers a worldwide network. A great approach to meeting professionals in your area and tacklingtackling regional issues is to become a local chapter member.

Membership Benefits

Obtaining membership in BOMA opens up a wealth of advantages. Access to industry insights, educational programs, networking opportunities, and a community of like-minded professionals are all provided to members. Membership in BOMA can alter your life, whether your goal is to learn more or further your career.

BOMA’s Impact on Sustainability

Sustainability is a primary real estate concern in the modern world. BOMA knows this and works hard to encourage environmentally friendly business practices. BOMA actively promotes green building practices and energy efficiency measures to lessen the environmental impact of properties and guarantee a more sustainable future for real estate.


In conclusion, A pillar of the real estate sector, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) brings professionals together, establishes standards, and promotes best practices. BOMA provides many tools and chances for professionals in linked fields, such as building owners, managers, and others, to further their careers and support sustainable development.

At Measure Up Corp, we understand how critical it is to maintain ties with trade groups such as BOMA. To use the priceless tools and networking possibilities that BOMA provides, consider joining the organization or a local BOMA chapter. At the same time, you negotiate the challenging real estate market. When we work together, we can meet the highest expectations for quality in the real estate industry.

get BOMA certification

How to get boma certification – Transform Your Building:

In the ever-changing real estate industry, sustainability and innovation are essential for staying ahead of the curve. As the focus on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency grows, building owners and managers look for innovative ways to improve their properties. This is where having a BOMA certification is beneficial—presented to you by Measure Up Corp., welcome to our in-depth guide on transforming your building through get BOMA certification

I. Introduction

The real estate market is changing, presenting new opportunities and challenges for building owners. A chance like this is to get BOMA certification an accolade extending beyond features and design. Obtaining a certificate from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) denotes a dedication to sustainability, energy efficiency, and operational excellence.

II. Understanding BOMA Certification

Let’s explore the requirements for get BOMA certification before getting started. It shows evidence of your building’s adherence to strict industry standards and goes beyond just being a badge to show off. Various certificates, including BOMA 360 and BOMA BEST, are available from BOMA, each focusing on a distinct facet of environmental responsibility and building management.

III. Benefits of BOMA Certification

What makes a BOMA certification important? Wide-ranging advantages increase the attraction of your building to both investors and tenants. Imagine your building being recognized as a leader in energy efficiency, with lower maintenance expenses and happier tenants. Obtaining a BOMA certification allows for the following:

  • Enhanced Marketability: Attract a new wave of environmentally conscious tenants and investors, boosting occupancy rates and rental income.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Implement measures that not only save resources but also contribute to a greener planet.
  • Operational Excellence: Streamline your building’s operations, leading to smoother maintenance and happier tenants.

IV. Steps to Obtain BOMA Certification

Getting BOMA certified is a journey that starts with preparation. Measure Up Corp presents a roadmap to guide you through the process:

  1. Pre-Assessment: Evaluate your building’s current status, identifying areas that may need improvement before applying for certification.
  2. Document Preparation: Gather and organize necessary documentation, showcasing your building’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.
  3. Implementing Energy-Efficient Measures: From advanced HVAC systems to energy-efficient lighting and insulation, embrace measures that not only cut costs but also conserve resources.
  4. Tenant Engagement: Engage your tenants in sustainability initiatives, fostering a collective commitment to energy conservation.
  5. Application Submission and Review: Submit your application, along with the required documentation. BOMA representatives will review your submission and verify your compliance with certification standards.

V. Case Studies

To provide real-world insights, let’s look at success stories of buildings that have get BOMA certification These transformations are not just about certification; they’re about making a lasting impact on both the environment and the bottom line.

VI. Overcoming Challenges

Embarking on the BOMA certification journey isn’t without its challenges. However, with the right strategies and mindset, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goal of certification.

VII. Maintaining BOMA Certification

Once you’ve get BOMA certification the journey isn’t over. Ongoing commitment is crucial to maintaining your certification status. Periodic reviews and updates ensure that your building continues to meet the high standards set by BOMA.

VIII. Conclusion

Real estate is at a turning point, with sustainability at the forefront. Measure Up Corp’s BOMA certification is more than just a mark of quality; it’s a pledge to turn your building into a shining example of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility, and marketability. Become one of the buildings that have made the transition to a greener future and demonstrate your commitment to creating a better world. Makeover your structure right now with Measure Up Corp.