Becoming a Green Leader: How to become boma certified

How to become boma certified

There has never been a more important role for sustainable leadership in a society where environmental issues are paramount. Buildings remain a major source of energy consumption and ecological effects. Thus, green practices and their supporting organizations are becoming increasingly important. Obtaining BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) certification is a potent approach to demonstrate your dedication to sustainability and establish yourself as a green leader. This tutorial details the How to become boma certified process, highlighting how Measure Up Corp may be at the forefront of sustainable building standards.

Understanding BOMA and its Certification Programs

BOMA International, established to advance building management excellence, has grown to become a preeminent voice in the real estate sector for promoting sustainable practices. BOMA’s certification program suite aims to honor and incentivize establishments and institutions dedicated to minimizing their environmental effect. The BOMA 360 Performance Program, BOMA Energy Performance Program, BOMA Sustainable Buildings Certification, and BOMA BEST (Building Environmental Standards) are some of these initiatives.

Benefits of BOMA Certification

Beyond just environmental responsibility, BOMA accreditation offers many other advantages. In addition to positively impacting the environment, obtaining BOMA accreditation through Measure Up Corp establishes your company as a leader in the industry. The benefits are increased tenant attraction, lower operating costs, and better building performance. Moreover, your dedication to sustainability projects your commitment to a better society and cultivates a favorable reputation in the community.

Steps to Becoming BOMA Certified

1. Research and Familiarization

Before starting the certification process, spend some time learning about the particular BOMA program that fits your sustainability objectives. For example, the BOMA BEST program concentrates on comprehensive environmental requirements, whereas the BOMA 360 Performance Program stresses operational excellence. To lay a strong foundation, familiarize yourself with the program’s standards and guidelines.

2. Preparing Your Building

Evaluating your facility’s energy efficiency and resource usage is the first step toward implementing sustainable practices. Make an energy assessment and note locations that need work. Measure Up Corp can help you make the required improvements so that your building works harmoniously with the environment.

3. Gathering Documentation

Certification requires robust documentation showcasing your commitment to green practices. Measure Up Corp will help you collect data on energy consumption, waste management, and water usage, creating a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates your dedication to sustainability.

4. Applying for Certification

With your documentation in hand, register for the chosen BOMA certification program. Measure Up Corp will guide you through the application process, ensuring that all necessary forms are completed accurately and efficiently.

5. Verification and Assessment

BOMA assessors will review your submitted documentation, potentially conducting on-site inspections to validate compliance. Measure Up Corp will work closely with you to ensure all assessments proceed smoothly, highlighting your achievements.

6. Achieving Certification

Upon successful assessment, you’ll receive notification of your certification approval. Your commitment to sustainability and green leadership will be publicly recognized, setting the stage for a future of environmental responsibility.

Maintaining BOMA Certification

1. Continual Improvement

Sustainability doesn’t end with certification; it’s a journey of ongoing improvement. Measure Up Corp will assist you in monitoring building performance metrics, ensuring your building remains aligned with the highest green standards.

2. Renewal and Recertification

BOMA certifications typically require renewal to ensure continued adherence to sustainability standards. Measure Up Corp will support you in the recertification process, demonstrating your ongoing commitment to green leadership.

Success Stories

Witnessing the real-life impact of BOMA certification is inspiring. Organizations, like Measure Up Corp, have transformed their buildings into beacons of sustainability, influencing their communities and setting new industry standards.


We at Measure Up Corp are here to support you as the global landscape changes to one of sustainability and to help you become a green leader. A BOMA certification is more than simply a title; it’s evidence of your commitment to improving the environment. By offering you all-encompassing direction, assistance, and knowledge, Measure Up Corp enables you to welcome a sustainable building practices future, proving that genuine leadership starts with a dedication to Measure Up Corp.