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Top 3 Benefits of Building Measurement Services

Clients always expect that a professional architect makes completely precise plans. You can understand this from the issues that come from your mistakes related to a project. Make sure you provide the absolute precision in your drawing to make your projects survive and succeed. Building measurement services offered by an experienced team is the right solution.

If you are a professional architect, you must know how important accurate building measurement is to architects. Let’s dig in the prime benefits of building measurements.

Major Benefits of Building Measurement

Building measurement is highly advantageous for several projects, especially in terms of their time and cost-efficiency, accuracy, and capacity to offer a strong establishment for a project. Here’s how it is beneficial:

1. It Saves Money

The cost of building measurement is worth paying, as you can abstain from further expenses in repairing expensive mistakes made with less precise tools. Building assessment pays for them in making projects simpler and faster to build, without delaying in plans.  To carry out these assessments, professionals use tools capable of making drawings with absolute precision and fewer errors. This allows the architect’s strategies to be as close to their final form ASAP.

2. It is Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient

You should control expenses while attempting building projects. Building measurements highly affect your project’s efficacy, as they reduce the possibility of timely and costly mistakes occurring during the process. A building analysis will make sure that an architect’s strategies are precise, with room widths, floor plans, and room heights being accurately drawn. This enables building work to be strategized cautiously with highly precise assessments.

If a project is planned based on the wrong measurements, the contractor may experience more issues during construction. This results in construction delays, possibly wasted materials, and a rising labor expense. To mitigate such expenses and fulfill tight deadlines, you should opt for a professional building measurement service. This will make sure that you will not experience any sudden issues further in the project.

3. It Enhances Company Reputation

Lowering extra labor expenses and securing services for building measurement devices can cause quicker project completion. Fast completion rates and genuine infrastructure could also boost the company’s reputation. This may result in increased popularity and possibly a better level of investment.

Since measuring resources can sometimes provide the quickest and most precise ways of ensuring successful building construction, investment could reduce the need for staff. A reduction in staff costs can sometimes greatly increase company funds, leaving more money to be invested in enhancing the business, its functionality, and its targets.

Bottom Lines

Making precise measurements is important for making sure that the building’s construction is successful. Moreover, knowing the benefits of building measurement services could help businesses enhance their performance. At Measure Up Corp., our team is highly experienced in performing building assessments. We have assessed many buildings with different conditions and ages. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our building analysis projects and whether this would be the best-fit choice for your project.

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NYC Fire Protection Plans (NYC FPP): Measure Up Provides Turnkey FPP Solution

NYC Fire Protection Plans (NYC FPP’s) are becoming especially important for high occupancy buildings in the New York City area. The FDNY uses Fire Protection Plans as reference in the event of a fire. Additionally, in order temporary or final Certificates of Occupancy (CO) – it’s essential to have an FPP.

The Fire Protection Plan shows detailed floor plans of the building – including all exits, doors, corridors and partitions including fire barriers with wall ratings. These floor plans feature the use and occupancy of each floor/ space per the most current Certificate of Occupancy or alternatively Schedule A.

Additionally, firms such as Measure Up would be required to create the narrative portion of the FPP, including; all building systems including fire & life safety systems, standpipe/sprinkler systems, places of assembly and elevator recall. The final Fire Protection Plans would then be signed and sealed by an architect and filed with the Department of Buildings (DOB) & Fire Department of New York (FDNY). This would be done with the assistance of an outside expeditor who would file the plans with the DOB.

Contact Measure Up today to review your Fire Protection Plan project in NYC and learn more about our turnkey services.

Building Measurement Company

BOMA 2017 Office Standards: Understanding the Difference

In the fall of 2017, BOMA (Building Owners & Mangers Association) issued the latest version of its Standards of Methods of Measurement (ANSI Z65-1.2017). The 2017 BOMA updates effect how office buildings are measured and calculated – with distinct differences between the previous standards released in 2010. As the leading national building measurement company, Measure Up ™ has a keen understanding of these changes and our professionals are prepared to assist clients on how best to implement the 2017 BOMA office standards.

How does the 2017 BOMA updates impact my building?

+ Building balconies are now included as rentable area in 2017.
+ Finished rooftop areas are included in rentable calculations.
+ Major Vertical Penetrations (MVP’s) at their lowest points are now considered as Building Service Area and included in the rentable area.
(-) Public Pedestrian Thoroughfares and Enclosure Limit conditions are NOT included in 2017.

Since each office building has its own unique architectural attributes, certain properties have the potential of increasing rentable area over 3% when compared against the previous 2010 standards. For owners, a 3% increase in rentable area is significant and worth serious consideration. In addition, the BOMA 2017 changes contain have multiple distinctions that affect measurements including special conditions, space classifications, tenant ancillary areas and advanced calculations.

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Measure Up Announces New BIM Services Division

Measure Up Corp, the nation’s leading building measurement services firm today announced the launch of it BIM Services division. The newly formed division will specialize in the creation and management of data driven Building Information Models – serving building owners and the AEC community.

“We see BIM Services as a critical part of our business growth strategy and believe that using intelligent data driven 3D models compared to traditional 2D drawings provides our clients with higher quality project outcomes,” states company Principal Jorge (“JJ”) Acosta.

BIM adoption among Measure Up’s client base is growing and company has set the stage to be at the forefront of BIM Services, implementation, execution and management. As reported by the Business Advantage Group, implementing BIM can lead to a 62% increase in design development, 47% savings on design time, 40% cost saving increase and a 35% faster response time to market.

Additionally, Measure Up recently added Muraajya Puranparshad as its Director of BIM Services. In his new role, he will assume the overall responsibility of working with stakeholders and clients to manage and deploy comprehensive BIM implementation. “Our BIM Service offering is wide ranging and includes working in all types of built environments – providing as-built REVIT models, 2D CAD conversion to BIM at multiple levels of development and REVIT drafting outsourcing and support,” states Muraajya.

For more information about Measure Up BIM Services, please call Measure Up at (646)257-2648 or visit

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Measure Twice

Over the past year, I have been exploring the infographic created by BOMA International to demonstrate the value of our association.

We finally have come to the section nearest and dearest to my heart—floor measurement standards. And, it’s not just near and dear to me; during my travels as BOMA International chair and as a member of the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition’s Standard Setting Committee, I have discovered that BOMA International’s floor measurement standards truly are the standard for determining rentable square footage every-where from Rhode Island to Russia.

To illustrate just how important the proper measurement of a commercial property is, I would like to share one of many experiences from my career. A number of years ago, I was given the opportunity to oversee a national portfolio of office, industrial and retail properties, and one of the first steps I took was to examine and, if necessary, re-measure each property according to the BOMA Standards. At one Class A office building, we were struggling to attract new tenants, despite the fact that the property recently had earned the LEED Gold certification. The management and brokerage teams met with us to discuss the challenges. They shared that our expenses per square foot were higher than what the market would tolerate – in fact, our team discovered that they were higher than the market average by using the Office Experience Exchange Report – and that the “load factor” for the property also was too high. Additionally, we discovered that some areas of the building had not been measured or included since the “load factor” already was too high.

Using the latest edition of BOMA International’s office floor measurement standard, Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1-2010), we had the entire building re-measured. We were able to establish leasing guidelines that helped reduce excessive corridor creations. The team discussed ways to combine amenity and service areas in a manner that would enhance the project and make the property more efficient. As we finished the exercise and established future guidelines, we found the property actually was two or three percent larger; was below market rate for operating costs per square foot; and had a very favorable “load factor.” The property welcomed its first new large tenant within three months of these efforts.

As BOMA has engaged more on the international stage, I have found that, not only is BOMA a well-known leader in the global commercial real estate industry, but the BOMA Standards also are being used in every corner of the world. BOMA International is a founding member of the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition, which seeks to create global property measurement standards to provide a consistent and accurate way to measure property worldwide. Our leadership is critical to this international movement, and, through our involvement, I have found that many countries and companies are interested in managing their properties “the BOMA way.” They understand the value that it can bring to their assets.

My activity in BOMA International and especially the Floor Measurement Standards Committee has led to enormous benefits for my employers and the owners we served. Over my career, I have easily added millions of dollars to the value of the properties I have had the opportunity to oversee.

So, looking back at our trusty building infographic, let’s consider the quantifiable impact that properly measuring a typical 100,000-square-foot office building can have on asset value: If the building sees a two to three percent increase in rentable square footage by correctly measuring the property to the BOMA Standards, that translates into an additional $50,850 in revenue. Have you measured your property lately? You might be surprised by the value you discover when you take the time to do so.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kent Gibson, BOMA Fellow, is the 2015-2016 chair of BOMA International. He also serves as president of Capstone Property Management, L.C. in Salt Lake City.

Reprinted with permission ©2016 Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International.  All rights reserved.

A Room With A View

Working at the Iconic Empire State Building

We have the distinct honor of working and conducting building measurement services in some of the country most iconic properties. None more so than the Empire State Building. As ownership has embarked on a comprehensive renovation and repositioning at the building, our Project Technicians are currently working with building architectural team to survey and create floor plans for many of their upcoming tenant buildouts. During a recent survey on the 64th floor, our Senior Project Technician, Vermon Francis, took this breathtaking 360 degree photo out a southern facing window.

Measure Up Featured on HGTV’s Property Brothers

As part of their national outreach, Measure Up has partnered with HGTV and the Property Brothers Show to provide building measurement services for six homes in this Springs upcoming season. The show follows twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott as they renovate and stage family homes to get it market ready. Jonathan Scott handles the renovation phase of the projects while Drew Scott markets the properties and seeks new opportunities.

As part of their contribution to show and working with the Producers at HGTV, Measure Up’s Project Technicians will survey, laser measure and prepare “before and after” floor plans for six renovated home in Westchester, New York. Each home will have 4 to 5 rooms that will undergo a full transformation by the Scott brothers. Measure Up’s floor plans will be featured in many of the shows segments and highlight the before and after revisions to the homes layouts.

As a show contributor, Measure Up will be receiving special thank you on the Network show credits, social media outlets and featured on the as a premier resource provider.