NYC Fire Protection Plans (NYC FPP): Measure Up Provides Turnkey FPP Solution

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NYC Fire Protection Plans (NYC FPP’s) are becoming especially important for high occupancy buildings in the New York City area. The FDNY uses Fire Protection Plans as reference in the event of a fire. Additionally, in order temporary or final Certificates of Occupancy (CO) – it’s essential to have an FPP.

The Fire Protection Plan shows detailed floor plans of the building – including all exits, doors, corridors and partitions including fire barriers with wall ratings. These floor plans feature the use and occupancy of each floor/ space per the most current Certificate of Occupancy or alternatively Schedule A.

Additionally, firms such as Measure Up would be required to create the narrative portion of the FPP, including; all building systems including fire & life safety systems, standpipe/sprinkler systems, places of assembly and elevator recall. The final Fire Protection Plans would then be signed and sealed by an architect and filed with the Department of Buildings (DOB) & Fire Department of New York (FDNY). This would be done with the assistance of an outside expeditor who would file the plans with the DOB.

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